Planned (Regenerative) Grazing and Livestock Management (3 days)

  • Five crucial principles of grazing management to get the most out of veld production and animal performance on the veld. How to manage variations in rainfall and seasonal (hence nutritional) changes while increasing grazing capacity and effectiveness of rainfall. The role and value of information (how, what and why) and guidelines for effectiveness. Key factors affecting profitability. Soil health (what, why, how).

(This course includes an introduction to the content of all workshops listed below. Recommendation – do this course first, workshops are discounted for those who follow up by attending workshops after the main course).

The Planning and Monitoring Dashboard (workshop) (2 days)

  • Monitor the balance between grazing capacity and stocking rate. A high priority management function, it is easily done. Grazing capacity changes with rainfall, it is not fixed. Anticipate the threats, and the opportunities, as they begin to emerge, ahead of time.  

Three Inventories Marketing (workshop) (2 days)

  • Livestock, grass and money. Every grazing enterprise has these inventories. Every day decisions are made that affect the balance between them. Whether animals are bought or bred, the decision affects the grass and money inventories. Knowing what to do and when can neutralise the effect that market variability has on your farm. 

Grazing Cell Design (workshop) (3 days)

  • A Cell is a group of camps that will stay together. Camp and water layouts that will favour regeneration of soil health, increase in grazing capacity and optimum animal production for both growing and no-growing conditions. 

Low Stress Stock Handling, Handling Facility design (workshop) (2 days)

  • Discussion of improved methods as advocated by Bud Williams and Dr Mary Temple Grandin. 
  • (Practical handling sessions not a given but will be included, if at all possible).

Seminars covering crop production and other topics (on demand), will be advertised. 

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