Family Farming – The Family-Business Nexus (5 days)

  • If it is risky then it’s a business, not just a job, and not just about the family. The “Risk Owner” in the family, the person ultimately accountable for ensuring that risks are managed appropriately, must take the needs of both the family and of the business into account. It may happen that one will take precedence over the other. A senior agribusiness banker in South Africa has stated “most farms that fail financially do so not because they are not viable, but because of external factors such as family issues.”  Often there is a “zone of confusion” in the focus at the intersection of these interconnected family and business systems. They overlap, and this leads to unique dynamics and challenges.

(This course includes an introduction to the content of all workshops listed below. Recommendation – do this course first, workshops are discounted for those who follow up by attending workshops after the main course).

On Top of the Game – “Same Page” (workshop) (3 days)

  • A “Family Stewardship culture”. Establishing communication within the family, and between family and business. Moving out of the “zone of confusion” to establish lines of separation, guidelines and a process to build family harmony and a long-lasting legacy.

On Top of the Game – Farm Enterprise Plan (workshop) (2 days)

  • Budgeting and cashflow management made easy. DIY process that ensures you have appropriate information at your fingertips.
  • Cash flow management refers to tracking the money flowing into and out of your business. It involves monitoring changes in your available funds over a specific period. Regular and strategic cash flow management helps you spot trends, prepare for the future, and address cash flow issues proactively.

On Top of the Game – Economic Analysis (workshop) (2 days)

  • Gross margin analysis of your enterprises. Cashflow and Profitability are not the same thing. Positive cashflow may not lead to profitability. You need to know where the profit is in your business, and which enterprises may be “subsidising” the others.
  • Gross margin insights guide decisions on expanding, diversifying, or scaling down enterprises. This ensures the long-term viability of the family farming business and empowers family farmers to make informed decisions and enhance overall profitability.

On Top of the Game – Combined Workshop (4 days)

  • This workshop combines all three OTG 2-day workshops.
  • Adopting techniques, methodologies and an approach, proven by research, experience and commonsense, that lead reliably to regeneration, profitability and long-term success.
  • Family-owned businesses must navigate the delicate balance between family dynamics and business imperatives. Clear communication, governance mechanisms, and a strategic approach are essential.